Hillsides- The Hero's Journey


There is a path for each hero.

An adventure to take.

A call to action to leave this ordinary world.

For an adventure world.

and a refusal to go because they don’t want to leave.

But they’ll have to. They’re the hero.

They’ll meet a mentor. And cross a threshold.

They’ll meet a villain, and visit a dark place.

They’ll live for it.

They’ll die for it.

There will be a reward.

A sacrifice too.

A resurrection. And then they’ll come home.

They’ll be changed.

They’ll come home.

They’ll have changed.
they’ll come home with new knowledge.

and They’ll be a hero.


My name is Kirby

I am a whole new person.


My name is Marcus

I am kinda a big deal


My name is Jordan

I am unique


My name is Chelsey

I am the cherry on top of everything


My name is Gunner

I am brave

I am not a follower

I am not black and white

I am not God

I am not 5’11”

I am not a sociopath

I will be respected

I will be an actress

I will be the God of Awesomeness!

I will be a somebody

I will have a growth spurt

I will never be unedumacated or a zombie

I will never be a nobody

I will not be mad at myself

I will never be a bully

I will never be Justin Bieber

CHORUS:  I will be a hero

I will be a hero like Kevin Durant

and Russell Westbrook

Them two are awesome 3 point shooters and dunkers. 

I will be a hero like my cousin.

He is stationed in Afghanistan in the Marine Corps.

I will be a hero… like… my….

like my mom. like my grandma, like my uncles.

like my aunt. like my teachers. like my friends.

like my staff.

My hero is me

CHORUS:  What about your ordinary world?

The ordinary world I live in…..

is a world with crime, hate,

homeless people, starving people, people dying, snobby people, war, foster children, adopted children.

like me.

a  land of corruption, calamities,    

anarchy, disease, war, crime,

broken promises, broken dreams,

depression, greed, deception, death,

ignorance, pollution, hatred, evil, communism.

a mix between Halloween town and Wonderland

where it is cool, dark, weird, fun and misunderstood.

it is so harsh.

It is ok to be mad but…. but don’t you have a dream?

Chorus:   A dream!

An Adventure?

To Where?

My call to adventure would be to help people.

I’m not all self centered. I’m everybody centered.

I want everybody to be in my basketball game.

My call to adventure is eating food,

getting to see my dog

on the weekend, seeing my family, having fun.

My call to adventure is dancing.


It’s common sense. The world I want to live in

is a world without deception an that people need to realize what they have before its all gone.

The world I want to live in has

starbursts for electrical boxes,

Pop tart houses, gummy bear people,

swings made of strawberry laffy taffy,

cars made of marsh mellow.

Animals made of jolly ranchers,

chairs made up of chicken nuggets

lampposts of french-fries.

Chorus:   Mmmmm…


The world I want to live in

is the world where people

for just a second

can stop all of this nonsense.

Look around, don’t you see

that all these things you think are important

are really not!

I want to live in a world

where people care about others   and themselves!!!

The world I want to live in IS chaotic,

cool, loud and proud.

quick, slow, fast, light, dark, yes, no, go,  stop,  eat , drink. enjoying every second of it and just going with it. Whatever you do…. just be you.

Chorus:   Who, me?

but I can’t be me. I fear death, I fear hate. I fear myself.

I fear going to new places. It scares me.

Doing new things scares me.

I fear I will be put down for my great ideas.

I fear the future, the uncertainty. I fear deception, I fear hate, I fear treachery and confusion. I fear irony.

What I fear the most is me that I struggle to fight everyday.

A me that is more worse than any spider bite.

A me that is worse than death.

Chorus:  But you’ll meet a mentor to help!

My mentor says to stand tall

and don’t let anyone or anything

stand in my way of following my dreams.

My mentor is myself. I listen to no one. I will be my leader.

My mentor will say don’t let fear hold you back.

Let your inner strength come in.

Let light shine through.

My mentor is powerful.

My mentor Steve Nash will help me along the way.

My mentor is no one.

I did everything by myself.

I had to teach myself what was wrong,

what was right, what’s good, what’s bad.

Chorus: There is no right

or wrong

but thinking made it so.

That’s why when I Cross the Threshold I will feel no fear.

I will feel brave, like I am about to go into battle,

or like I have just won the war, or just like a hero.

I will feel brave too, ready to overcome anything

as I make a leap of faith into the unknown

I will feel like so happy

like when I’m about to go the NBA.

I will feel so happy stepping on the court.

I will be strong hearted, sad, depressed, tired, very hopeless, nervous, trusting, kind, shy, super ecstatic, smart, mean, nice, demonic, heavenly, soulful.

I will be happy,

and ready to see this beautiful world

surrounded by things

that only I could imagine.

Eating colorful fruit

under a 500 year old tree

and look out at the horizon.

Chorus:   Look out at…

the tests, the challenges, the enemies, the villains….

My villain in my life is me, the darker side of me;

the side that makes me want to cry.

The side that hurts. The side that no one likes.

The side that howls and growls and curses my name.

The side I hate. The side I try to hide.

The side I used to be.

The side that left me scarred as a child.

I am my own villain too: bad decisions, bad attitude, bad habits, bad influence, bad language, bad friends, bad ideas, bad actions, bad maturity, bad attention.

My villain is nothing and nobody.

I don’t believe there is anything

stopping anyone from doing what they love.

My villain is my death.

My villain is my sadness.

My villain is my birthday.

My villains are my bad choices.

My villain is my mouth.

I think that laughter is the best medicine

CHORUS:  (hah hah hah)

And then the darkness comes…

My darkest hour was when I could see nothing but black in my eyes. I was so mad.

My darkest hour was when I was really scared at camp.

I felt mad

My darkest hour was when I decided I was giving up.

I felt frustrated.

My darkest hour was when I was little

because I used to hit. I used to kick. I used to bite others because I was so alone.

I felt very angry and discouraged.

I have yet to find my darkest hour

because my flashlight of awesome

pierces through the darkness.

One thing I am letting go of is everything.

What’s done is did and what’s did is done.  

Chorus:   So why live?

I live for dancing.

It always makes me happy even when I am sad.

I live for tomorrow. I live for my dog. I live for my family, my friends, for food, for sweets.

I live for myself, my friends, my country, my home, airsoft, videogames and my half brother, my family, money and my life

I live for the will of a hero,

to teach the next generation

so they can surpass us

so they can become their own heroes,

then I can rest in peace.

Chorus:  (big sigh)  Let go…

A thing I am letting go of is….everything…. before I die

Before I die?

I would NOT die for anything or anyone.

die?…..wait what? I will never die. Nuke me.

I will come out without a scratch. I’m sorry North Korea.

Defying the laws of physics. Infinity. Multiple headshots bullet proof.

When I die I want to be known for what I have.

I’d die for my dog, for food, for sleep, for dead people.

I’d die so no more pain hits me.

I never want to have cancer.

I don’t ever want it to happen to me.

I guess I would die to prove I am not a coward.

Before I die I wish I could fly

and feel the wind rushing towards my face.

I’d die to save another. I would die to be a hero.

Before I die I want to say goodbye to everyone I know.

Wait a minute, I don’t want to die!

I don’t want to die either

when’s the resurrection supposed to happen?

Chorus:   Right about NOW!

but a hero is only resurrected when they learn

what they needed to learn

Chorus:   So what did you learn?

I learned that I have a heart.

that I hate being mean.

that love is not real unless you know how to forgive.

I learned that I am not this mean heartless person that I’ve been called but that

I can also forgive those who called me these things.

I learned that life is not all about me. It’s about others.

that I should care more for others than myself.

I learned that everyone fights for their own reasons.

Everyone learns at their own pace.

Everyone is different; some are good, some are bad,

its what you make of it.

I learned heroism is just an illusion.

Titles are merely fancy words.

Scores are just numbers. Grow up!

I learned that I want to be a true hero now.

Not the kind you see in movies or comic books.

I want to be the hero that saves the day for everyone without fighting skills or powers.

The one that does her best.

Now what do we do? Now that we are heroes?

Chorus:   Name yourselves!

I am Tobi because I’m awesome

and I overcome dangerous obstacles.

I am She Wolf and I am a leader.

I am She Who Loves To Dance and I feel like dancing now.

I am Rogue Wolfheart.

I am Man who is a Good Talker and a Good Listener

and an awesome writer.

Chorus: Do you feel different?

Yes! but all I still know is that…

I love looking dogs in the eyes.

You know I love to read to my dogs.

I love playing with dogs.

I am letting go of hate

I am still proud and dark.

I am a very confused youth, and yet  I still ponder

Heroism is an illusion.

I’ll be truthful. I’ll never lie ever.

I am cool, very cool.

I am funny, really funny.

I am a Hero.

Just a person who will save the day.

I will always be there for you. 

I still want to have a big growth spurt

I think you did.

I think we all did.

I think the world did.


Now you can all go start your own hero’s adventure.

yeah, you can think about what you’d die for

and what you’d live for

but first,

what’s your hero name?


Arrowyn from Audience stands up

Medicine Pipe

Jason stands up

He Who Looks Through Camera

Tylene stands up

Dove Feather

Robyn stands up

Tenacious Pig