Story Tribe is a dynamic creative writing and performance program that connects people to their authentic selves, to one another, and their community through personal narrative.  

We believe that finding one's individual voice is a path to discovering and embracing one's worth, values, ideals, and purpose.  By sharing our stories and listening to each other without judgment we create meaningful connections and a deeper sense of humanity.

When we share our stories out loud with the community we reveal the character we have been uncovering and discovering.  By collaborating and cooperating as a group for the final performance we encourage commitment, risk-taking and personal growth.

Everyone is equal in Story Tribe.  No story is too small to not be heard.

The benefits of Story Tribe are many: character development, personal empowerment, self-confidence, self-esteem, cultural competence, team process, patience, and valuing diversity, collaboration, and equity.  

Story Tribe uses game play inspired by the works of Viola Spolin and Augusto Boal combined with oral storytelling in a circle and ending with free-writes that are tailored to the unique theme emerging within any group.  The work culminates in a group performance for the community.